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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alex’s New Car

That lucky girl, who turned 16 last June, now has her own car – it’s quite a step-up from the car she drove the day after her birthday last year as seen HERE

It saddens me that she has a nicer car then mine, especially after driving mine for the past 6+ months…oh well, I’ll survive I suppose!


Alex got a 2007, Nissan Sentra.  It is an awesome car, I’m so jealous!  Not only is it gorgeous to look at on the outside, the inside is sweet as well!  It has a great sound system, comfortable seats, a great car!  One of the coolest features is, it doesn’t require the key in the ignition to drive it!  The key just has to be in your possession (for example at the bottom of your purse)!  How cool is that?

DSCN0607See the car turned on, and the keys not in the ignition?!

Enjoy your new car Alex, I know I have had fun driving it around the last couple of days!!  Congratulations on your first car, you chose a great one!


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