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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!  I have a very special mommy who I am very appreciative for and love very much!  I hope you all had a very fun day and got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had today!  We celebrated with our extended family by having a huge brunch.  I was the last one in to get food, and all the waffles were gone!  I was so annoyed, but luckily there was just enough batter for me to make one last waffle, so I survived!

This evening I went over to Jaime’s to hang out and not to long after we arrived at the condo the smoke alarms started going off.  At first we thought it was just in their condo and caused by Brandi’s shower.  Jaime went to investigate and try to turn off the alarm.  At that point she realized the alarms were going off all over the building, and we had to evacuate.


As you can see above the fire department showed up, but by then we were all already informed of the problem.  Apparently you’re not allowed to barbeque on the decks and a person on the second floor did.  Well, one of the condo board members went to that condo and told them they couldn’t barbeque and suggested they move it to the park next door.  So the owners decide, okay we’ll do that, so they walked their smoking barbeque THROUGH the condo, into the halls and outside…another words, sending smoke through the halls of the condo, thus us going outside.  They quickly checked the building and shut off the alarm so we could go back inside.

Madison was excited to show off her fire skills she learned at school a couple weeks ago.  She was bummed we didn’t “crawl outside like puppy dogs” like she was taught in school.  But she was excited to receive the stickers and tattoos from the fireman.

Here goes another week!!!

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