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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vibrio cholerae

This quarter I had to do another poster like the one I did on RSV.  I tried to talk my prof into letting me do RSV again, since the poster was done, but was told no.  (No I didn’t tell him I’d already done the poster).  So my poster this time as on Vibrio cholerae aka – Cholera. 

This is a horrible pandemic that is extremely prevelent in our world today.  You find it in underdeveloped countries, where water & food contamination is.  This disease infects your instines, and cuases abrupt and severe vomitting and diarrhea for days and weeks.  The loss of all the fluid is what can kill you from this disease.  It’s important to keep the fluid intake up.  Statitstics show that patients with cholera can lose up to 50% of their body weight in just days from lack of fluid!  That number is mind boggling!

We don’t hear about many Cholera cases in the USA anymore, because we have clean water and excellent education on the importance of santitation.  The US will see maybe 5 cases all year of cholera.  So it’s not something to be that frightened of unless you’re traveling to areas where the sanitation and education is poor. 


I couldn’t have done this poster without the help of my side-kick Brandi!  We got all this done in 3 days (yes I’m a huge procrastinator on projects like this), I think it turned out pretty darn well!!  All my lettering was done with Brandi’s CRICKET.  This machine is the most amazing thing ever, and highly recommended for people who do large projects like this, scrapbooking, card making and any paper craft!  I LOVE IT!!



Oh I love this CRICKET!  It has come in so handy on many occasions!!


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