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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney On Ice

Today our family went to see Disney on Ice!  What a cute show!  It included songs from CARS, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinkerbelle. 

We arrived at the arena about 45 minutes before they opened the door, so we stood inline and it was FREEZING out!  I didn’t bring a coat (I had a sweater on), but was cold!  So I tried to stay warm with a small receiving blanket of Emma’s!  It helped a little bit!  Alex & Maddie shared Brandi’s vest to keep a little warmer!


After they finally let us in, we made a beeline to see the Princesses.  They had Tiana from the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog and Cinderella. 


We then had 30 minutes to wait for the show to start!  We shopped, bought snacks and then waited.  Madison was so excited until the lights went out then she panicked and started to cry.  Jaime finally had to take her out of the arena to calm her down.  We later learned that Madison was scared of seeing Ursula from The Little Mermaid.  So after The Little Mermaid segment ended she happily sat back down and watched the remainder of the show with us!

IMG_0839Jaime, Madison & Brandi waiting for the show to start!

IMG_0845Mickey & Minnie were even there!     

This pixie hat came with Maddie’s cotton candy, everyone loved wearing it!!!

IMG_0838 IMG_0907  IMG_0915IMG_0908IMG_0909
I promise my Aunt Sue hadn’t been drinking in the picture of her above :)

Emmalee was mesmerized by all the action going on!  She loved watching the ice skaters, but I think her favorites were the CARS.  She loves to watch that movie with the Harrington Boys!  She also LOVED Madison spinning toy she got.  Unfortunately I didn’t grab a picture for my blog off of Brandi’s camera and she already left with it!

IMG_0894 IMG_0899

Madison clapped and cheered through the rest of the show, and enjoyed ever minute of it!!  Oh and yes, she wore her Halloween costume, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) to the event.  You wouldn’t believe how many little girls were in their Princess outfits!  It was adorable!IMG_0936 IMG_0945

This video wasn’t taken at the show today, but it was a cute one I got of Emmalee tonight!!  She gets giggling so much its to cute and hilarious, I had to share it!  At one point I sound like a chicken – LOL – so ignore that!

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