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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Real Reason People Don’t Have Triplets

This morning I took the triplets to the doctor for their H1N1 shot and to get a lingering cold checked out.  Kim had forgotten they had never been to this doctor before, so I was met with a huge stack of papers to fill out…three sets of each.  Medical history, family history, hepa papers, etc.  It was unreal the amount of paperwork I had to fill out for them!  We finally went back and our nurse practioner was Jami!  I love Jami, we’ve known each other since I was 12, she goes to my church and was one of my young women leader! 

All three babies checked out just fine, probably just the lingering effects of their colds they’ve had.  But then we got the bummer…their H1N1 shots are only for children 4+….they didn’t get one!  After all that work they never got the shot!  I (and Kim) were quite annoyed by that.  We got  the same “we have an order in, but don’t know when we’ll get any” response.  I feel that these triplets deserve the shot more than most kids…they were premature and then all last winter suffered from bronchiolitis & RSV…I feel that they are at risk.  It’s just annoying!

Since all the paperwork I filled out required a parents signature we ran to Kim’s work for her to sign the papers so we could return them.  I decided to be brave and we went out to teriyaki for lunch!  I ordered the food before we went to see Kim, so by the time we were done visiting Kim, our food was ready!  So we just sat down and ate it!  Everyone behaved really well and ate a great lunch!

teriyaki Us at lunch

After lunch we headed back home for naptime!  I’m off in about 40 minutes, and then have to go continue working on my project for micro!  YUCK!

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