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Monday, May 18, 2009

Studying Cori Style

Tomorrow is another fun exam in microbiology…yay!  So today I have been studying my butt off.  I keep seeing that B- in my head…I’ve worked so hard (again) I hope I get a great grade!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to showcase my studying (aka memorizing) ability per hour.  I used to think “I cannot memorize things”, until I realized the trick for me to memorize…NOTECARDS.  For this exam I have approximately 225 note cards to memorize.  All with information that is pertinent (I hope).  Surprisingly it doesn’t take me that long to learn them.

I figured out in Anatomy & Physiology that if I lump the cards in groups of about 5 and learn those 5 at a time, and then continue adding to that pile I can memorize information really quickly.  There is no way I can memorize things directly out of a book there is just to much information which is extremely overwhelming.  But my brain can handle 5 cards at a time.  I then mix them up and study that way too. 

Oh I also talk out loud while I’m studying them.  I cannot just read and answer the note cards in my head, I have to answer the questions out loud.  So I’m sure tonight when I was studying outside people walking by probably thought I was some crazy lunatic who talks to herself….well if that’s what it takes then GREAT call me that!! 

Here are my ‘hour by hour’ study progress pictures!

Starting Point

1-hour in
*notecards on LEFT are what I memorized*


2-hours in
*notecards on LEFT are what I memorized*

3-hours in
*notecards on LEFT are what I memorized* 4

You can also see the progression of where I studied – started inside on the table, moved outside, then into the family room and then concluded the evening in my room!  Oh…I also study in 1-hour increments.  I took a study skills class and they recommended it and it helps.  So after 1-hour, I get up take a little walk, get something to eat, take a shower, etc. for 10 minutes or so then back to work.  I find that I retain a lot more that way!

Okay…so now it’s really late, and in case you didn’t know, I HAVE A TEST TOMORROW!!  Plus, I still have some cards to memorize, but I can do that tomorrow!!  Off to sleep I go!  G’nite!

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