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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hair Cuts by the Wicked Witch

Jaime & I went to get our haircuts today from a new lady.  We bought gift certificates from an auction we went to and were really excited to go!   We had been waiting over a month for our appointment.

However, the lady was NOT VERY NICE.  Jaime went in first and I got the girls out of the car and the lady about had a heart attack when she saw Madison.  Apparently her place isn't 'baby proofed' -  Madison is 3 years old...she can (for the most part control herself).  She made her sit in a chair the whole time and anytime she'd get up she'd tell her to sit back down.  Jaime & I just bit our tongues the whole time so we could just get through these haircuts and leave.  Madison did really well and just played with her IPod the whole time, so that was good and luckily Emma slept the whole time.  Let's just say we will not be going back.

However, despite her lack of people skills…she did a really good job on my hair and I am really happy with it!!  Jaime absolutely hates hers and will be going to Sorella's this weekend to get it fixed.  


Not a fantastic picture…I took it myself and thanks to Kelly, apparently I have a large nose :( *SIGH* she keeps telling me “small head, big nose”, sheesh that’s enough to give a girl  a complex!  Oh well…maybe if I didn’t take the picture on my phone it would have come out better, or maybe I do just have a big nose ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

That's horrible. How does this woman expect repeat business if she isn't nice to her customers? Crazy. Too bad Jaime didn't like her haircut. I had a bad experience in GA where this woman gave me layers when i never asked for them. I left the salon crying.


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