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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Met with my nursing advisor today…

Today I met with my nursing advisor for a quarterly check-up.  I asked what the chance was that I would get in being #1 on the waiting list.  Her response was "I'd be very shocked if you didn't get in"!  She seemed very sure, but said it could be a long wait still before I know.  She said most likely at this case, I'd get in when a Transfer Student dropped out.  Transfer students are most likely to drop out because they realize how expensive SPU is and/or they get accepted somewhere else and choose to go there.

There was one thing I learned that worried me, I thought I just had to get a C in microbiology and be fine, however I must get a B- in order to keep a 2.75 gpa in my nursing pre-reqs.  I just got my first exam back and failed it...which really saddened me because I was so ready and certain I had done well on the exam.  She assured me it would be okay and recommended I get a tutor from the Center For Learning on campus and to make an appointment with my Professor and talk about things.  I immediately left the appointment and headed to the CFL and then to email my Prof!

Luckily the exam was just the first one and we still have 3 exams (all worth 100pts each) and a huge poster project that is worth 120points.  Plus other miscellaneous points available in smaller amounts.  So it still is very plausible I just have to do it.

I also learned that I most likely won't be able to go on the cruise...that deeply saddens me.  I'm really bummed, but this is more important and I hope my parents take me on a cruise when I graduate!  Who knows maybe Grandma will want to!!  I will talk again with the Nursing Staff once I get in and talk about it again with more details and information.   So I guess there's a small chance but very little.  Oh well...this is my future, and I need to just do it and get it over with!


Erin said...
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Julia said...

hang in there cori....I believe you'll get in! just study, study, study that micro and make it the most important thing right now! I know you can do it! xoxo


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