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Monday, May 25, 2009

Scrapbooking Weekend

This weekend my parents were going to Olympia so I decided to have a Scrapbooking Weekend here! Brandi, Jaime & Erin all came over and we scrapped for 2 nights!! Sadly, we were a bit chatty and I only got 5 layouts done (10 pages). Brandi was a speedy and accomplished 15 pages I believe…what’s up with that? Jaime didn’t get much time to scrap because of Emmalee, but she did 4 pages too! Erin just hung out with us, she didn’t feel like scrapbooking this time! We had a lot of fun!

waterfallWaterfall: Madison playing in the fountain at my house
Summer 2007

pool fun
Pool Fun: Madison swimming in her pool at Grandma’s House
Summer 2007

pump it up Pump It Up: Madison at Pump It Up!
~ 13 months old (2007)

stars & stripes Stars & Stripes: Madison & Alex doing Pop-It’s on 4th of July!
July 4, 2008

train Train Ride: Erin, Jaime & I took Aiden, Connor, MacKenzie & Madison on a train ride through Snoqualmie!
October 2008

We also had Kennedy, Melissa & Angelique over Saturday afternoon to teach them how to scrapbook. For their birthday we gave them scrapbooks and invited them over for a 5 hours crop, teach them how to scrapbook and pizza!

Kennedy really got into scrapbooking and was a speed scrapper, accomplishing 15-8.5x8.5 layouts!! Melissa was slow and steady, got a bit distracted and I think she may have finished 2 layouts! Angelique was right between the other two and worked at a steady pace accomplishing several pages herself!

We had a lot of fun with them over, and took lots of pictures! Here are a handful of them!

triplets1 tripletstriplets2 triplets3 triplets9triplets4 triplets5 triplets6 triplets7 triplets8

I have a fun post for tomorrow night…so stay tuned!!

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