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Friday, September 3, 2010

Circus Bash!! Aiden & Annika

If you missed out on the Circus Bash!! blog post a couple days ago, make sure you hop over and check it out!!  Today I’m highlighting the oldest of both sets of “twins”…I put “twins” in quotes, because the boys are legitimate twins, the girls not so much…but they’re only 6 weeks apart in age so most assume they’re twins.  So there ya go!



Happy Birthday Aiden & Annika!!!


Stay tuned for Connor & MacKenzie’s pictures tomorrow!!


Ladii said...

 Thanks for following me returning the Love❤ and following you Back Be sure to stop By My Blog From time to time!

Anonymous said...

Such cute kiddos! Love seeing all the fun you all have!

Unknown said...

What adorable munchkins! And kudos to you for obviously being a very dedicated nanny! I have several friends who are nannies too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, those pictures are so cute and the decorations from the party were awesome! Hope you have a great weekend :)

L. Eleana Johnson said...

They are so cute. I love Annika's tutu! Have got to get the baby one. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Have a great weekend.

liz said...

i love the face painting idea! too cute!

Amy said...

I do love this. How did you make the shirts? Have a great weekend.


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