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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Toys & Togs Sale

The sale is now over and I wanted to share some pictures of the sale.  Unless you have ever attended one, you have no idea the magnetite of the sale!  I have no idea how much money the made, but I’d estimate that 75% of the stuff sold!  I wish I had remembered to take ‘after’ pictures, but it was to crazy!

Before people began loading in their stuff and a fairly empty gym!!

Pile of bikes & ride-ons – there was so much that you couldn’t walk around!

More toys!

The shoes tables

I was asked to go up into the ‘broadcasters booth’ (this was at the BCC gym) to take some above pictures for EMOMS.  I took a handful of pictures for myself as well!


Toys, Equipment, Media & Shoes

 DSCN7285  DSCN7287
Clothes, Clothes & More Clothes!

So after seeing all these picture, I bet you now want to go shopping!!!  For your information the next sale will be April 10, 2010!  I hope to see some of you there!!  For more information see!

I’ll update you on Charity & Julia’s totals when I hear what they are!  That’s the most fun part!!

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