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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toys & Togs Numbers

Brandi & I went to sort and count cards today for the Toys & Togs Sale.  We arrived at Jenni C's home at 9am and worked until about 3pm.  Brandi & I quickly learned were not very talented at the 10-key.  We had to total each sellers cards up twice (or until we got the same number twice) a lot of the time it took us several tries!  Towards the end of the day we got a method down and actually was able to get a couple on the first try!  So totals....

Emoms: $80k, the most they have every grossed - $22k of that was Friday Night Shoppers! *they now have to pay the sellers, pay for rental fees,etc. so I'm not sure how much they actually get to keep*
Charity: $606.00 total and she'll get a check for $545.00  (she made 90% as a team-lead, Emoms keeps 10%)
Julia: $1,672.50 total and she'll get a check for $1,338.00 (she made 80% as a seller, Emoms keeps 20%)

Julia was the second top seller, the top seller made just a hundred or so dollars more then her!  Everyone did really well!  Very fun today to see the totals and more behind the scenes!!  Don't forget that the Spring Sale will take place April 10th at Bellevue Community College!  Hope to see you then!!

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