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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Jaime & I went to Ben Franklin today too look around and saw the cutest display of wooden letters that were embellished!  We decided it would be a fun afternoon activity if we made the letters for Madison & Emmalee!
Step 1: Buy wooden letters
Step 2: Paint them the color of your choice
Step 3: Embellish them!  We used little sticker dots, ribbon and flowers to decorate the letters.  The colors we used were lime green & pink – which are the colors of their room.  Brandi got home in time to help us decorate them!
Step 4: Display them!  Jaime plans on hanging them above the girls’ beds.  She bought ribbon to hang them from, but we gave up for the night, so they aren’t hung yet!
Madison also wanted to get in on the fun!  She got 3 wooden hangy things to paint and decorate.  She was very excited to be painting and doing arts & crafts with us!  She was just annoyed that she didn’t get to help with the letters!
Painting- Jaime did something really cool, she put Madison’s paints in a ice cube tray!  It worked really well!
IMG_0737  IMG_0740  
Embellishing: Madison had fun using some of Brandi’s scrapbooking supplies to decorate her art!
IMG_0753   IMG_0744
I can’t wait until they get hung up, they are really cute! 


Its A Blog Party said...

Those look great!
Thanks for linking up!

Tonia said...

I swear I commented on this the other day! Well, I still think they are adorable and I totally want to make some! Thanks for linking up to What The Cr@ft!?


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