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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Errands with Amy

Today both Amy & I had a bunch of errands to run and decided to run them together.  We went to her mom's house, BCC, safeway and the DOL to get her license renewed.  I knew of a DOL near BCC, so we decided to go there.  Amy checked online before we left and saw it had a 30minute wait time - so we figured that wasn't to bad and were on our way.   We get there and I'm not 100% sure where the place is so we circle the parking lot once and I decide the empty dark place IS the DOL...or at least used to be.  Sure enough I run up to the door and they have moved to a new location. 

Luckily the new location was only about 15 minutes away and still in the general area of the rest of our errands.  It only took her about 15 minutes and was in and out with her new license!  After that we headed back to her place and watched Biggest Loser and played Farkle the rest of the afternoon until I had to head to school.

I'm off to Charity's for our last night of tagging...I hope!  Tagging is kind of like wrapping Christmas presents, at first it's a lot of fun and you look forward to it, but at the end you are just done and never want to see another tag/present again!  That's kind of where I'm at!

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