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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think it's safe to say this has been the worlds longest week for me in a long time!  I don't think it helped that I only worked Monday (and tomorrow) and then had a big test on Wednesday that I have been cramming studying for!  On top of all that I woke up yesterday with a nasty head cold and very achy.  I don't know if it's coincidental to me getting my flu shot becaues the pharmasist did say I could be sore the next few days or I have what my mom has had this week.  Reguardless I've felt gross the last couple of days!  Muddled through yesterday and successfully took my test and attended the RS Presidency Meeting!

Today I had planned to go up to Camano to hang out and decided even though I wasn't feeling 100% (okay really not even at 50%) I wasn't going to miss the visit!  Luckily today the boys had school and Alec worked, so it was just Julia, myself and the girls.  We hung out and played for a couple hours and then all four of us took a 2 hour nap!  After nap we went to the boys' Halloween party at school and then everyone had a doctors appointment for flu shots.  Julia let me pick where we went to dinner and of course I chose my favorite the OLIVE GARDEN!  It was yummy....their breadsticks and salad are to die for!! 

Back to work tomorrow, but it shuold be a fairly laid back day.  I'm not feeling great, so I don't plan on doing anything overly strenuous but hanging out and letting the kids crawl over me while I try to lay on the floor and rest HAHA...wishful thinking I know!  But tomorrow night we're carving pumpkins and then Halloween is on Saturday!!  Oh and Auntie Susie is in town, so I can't wait to see her!!

 Not sure if I mentioned this but....YAY tomorrow is Friday!

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