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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tagging at Julia's

Alex, Brandi & I came up to Camano yesterday morning to get all of Julia's tagging done for the Emoms sale this coming weekend.  Click HERE to see what it entails to 'tag'!  Julia is selling all of her babies stuff now that Brooke is back with them, so there is a TON of big items to sell!  We probably tagged more than 300 items (400 total) yesterday.  We had quite the system going, I'd iron the clothes and they'd tag! 

Piles of Clothes!

Mackenzie helping us!

Alex with her stack of clothes to tag!

This morning we finished sorting the items and then packed up their Blazer full and Brandi's car with as much stuff as we could! I'll drive the Blazer home and keep it my house until Friday.  Julia will come down with the Suburban on Friday with the remainder of her stuff. We're hoping they can get the rest in that car!

Left to go in the Suburban

Backseat of Brandi's car

Back of the Blazer

I'm guessing Julia will hit $2,000, so we shall see!  The sale is the coming Saturday!  If you are in the area and are in need of childrens things you really should stop by!  There are over 150 people selling clothes, equiptment, toys, bikes, etc!  Everything for premies-teens!

We took a couple of pictures of Julia and all 4 kids this morning!  It was difficult to get everyone to look at the camera, so these are the best two!

And here are a couple of MacKenzie & Brooke playing a few days ago!!  How precious are they??

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