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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer Birthdays Are Done

Tonight we celebrated Zak & Kelly's birthdays and they officially end the summer birthday craziness! Nearly everyone I know has birthdays between June and September and it feels like we're doing something birthday related every weekend!! But this officially ends summer!

Had a good day today. This morning I went to breakfast at the Duvall Grill with Barb Gessel from church. She is the new nursery coordinator and needed to touch base with me since I am 'mini-barb' Had a great breakfast and then talked nursery!

Went shopping with B & Jaime to find gifts for Kelly and Zak. The funniest thing happened when I went to wrap Zak's gift from me....he wanted a Seahawks jacket so Jaime & I picked one out at Alderwood that we thought he would like. Went home and I was going to take the price tag off and realized it said WOMENS!! Oops LOL!! Oh well, I wrapped it and gave it to him anyway! Everyone got a good laugh at my expense...and he's taking it back tomorrow!

We had fajitas for dinner so tonight I'm feeling REALLY full!! Ugh! What else....Jaime is 23 weeks now so we went and picked up the infant carrier she wanted from babies r us. It's really cute! Thursday i get to go with her to her big 24 week check-up, I've never gone before so that should be fun! I'm really excited!

I'm gonna go to bed....I have a nasty headcold coming on and just feel crappy. Church tomorrow and need to be ready to chase after 13 - children all about 18months! Yes, I must be crazy!!

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