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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I spent 2 hours at one of my favorite places the LAUNDRYMAT but am happy to announce that ALL MY LAUNDRY IS CLEAN!!

I absolutely LOATHE doing laundry - actually I don't mind doing it, I hate folding & putting it away! My normal method of laundry is to go shopping when I run low of clean clothes, but the only problem with that (other then the fact I spend way to much money on clothes as it is) i have WAY TO MUCH. Tonight I could hardly get my drawers to shut after putting my clean clothes away Luckily in a few days my drawers will begin to empty as I wear clothes and soon I'll once again have my 3 large laundry baskets filled to the brim with dirty clothes and will venture back to the laundrymat!

You may ask "does she not have a washer & dryer at home" - well the answer to that is, of course I do, but I let my clothes go so long and pile up that by the time I have ran out of clothes it will take me forever to do it all at home. So I just drag it down to the laundrymat and spend my $15 to get it all cleaned.

In other news...I start tomorrow night my 4 days with the Lee kids (Ross (12), Kennedy (10), Reagan (8), Sydney (5) and Elliott (2). Sounds pretty easy, but I'll keep you posted on how it really goes ....

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