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Friday, September 5, 2008

Lee's: Day 1 - DONE!

I survived my first evening & morning with the Lee kids! Let's see what happened....

Last Night: I got to there house at about 6pm, Sydney & Kennedy were still at soccer so I just had 3 of the kids. Over the next hour the last 2 kids got home. We had dinner, made lunches for today and did homework. After we got all that accomplished I went out with the girls and we jumped on the trampoline and played 'poisen ball' Sydney & Elliott went to bed at 8pm and Ross, Kennedy & Reagan went to bed at 9pm. By about 9:15 I was 'done' for the day!

This Morning: I woke up when Ross was getting ready for the bus, he got himself up and out the door all by myself - so that was nice! I got up about 7:45am to get the girls moving. Reagan & Kennedy had to practice the piano, then got them ready to go. They were out the door to catch the bus about 8:40am. I then just had the little girls to get ready to go! Got them up, dressed, fed and then we sat around watching Dora & The Wonder Pets until their rides arrived about 9:15am!! I then headed the the chiropractor and am now at work!!

Tonight is "Movie Night", so we'll go rent movies, watch them and then hopefully they will go to bed after that!! Tomorrow we have SOCCER, SOCCER & SOCCER, plus a birthday party I'll keep you updated ....

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