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Sunday, September 14, 2008


am absolutly exhausted - both physically and mentally. I've been in bed ready to sleep since about 6:30pm. I could fall asleep at anytime, but don't want to go to bed to early for fear of waking up to early!

Went back to Camano today to spend the day. They had a small family get-together so it was nice to see Molly and her kiddos, plus Alec's parents & Auntie Kate...not to mention Julia & Alec plus the kids! We had beautiful weather - you gotta love September in the Northwest! We hung out outside and had a nice visit!

Tonight we celebrated Kelly's birthday and she got her birthday dinner - fried chicken & cowboy potatos - yuck - oh well I was hungry and scarfed my dinner down anyway!

Next Sunday is MacKenzie's birthday party and I hope things have calmed down by then and we can start to move on with the future! It is hard to have things in your life that you have no control over.

Back to work tomorrow...first time in over a week, rumor has it Jack has been a pain in the butt, so hopefully tomorrow he decides to be happy! But on the bright side, Sophie has school, the weather is gonna be nice and tomorrow night is Girls Night Out!!

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