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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garage Gymnastics

My last couple of posts have been really down - and my life continues to be a rollercoaster, but for now it seems to be leveling off. So I thought I'd try and boost my blog by posting an embarressing story of myself

Last week at work, Jaime & I were cleaning up the driveway after the kids had been playing (putting bikes, cars, water table, etc away). And I for some reason needed to get something in the other garage stall. Instead of being a normal person and walking around the stuff in my way - I decided to take a short cut.

I climbed on top of the ottoman (they have new couches and the old ottoman & chair are still in the garage) not realizing it was on wheels! get the picture, I immediatly went sliding across the garage floor, eventually crashing into the freezer, baby pool & garbage cans.

Jaime wasn't much help since she couldn't stop laughing - but instead of a gold medal for my performance I got a nice gash and a big bruise! Someone has to be the klutz!

Yikes! Sounds bad.

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