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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

What a weekend of cake, balloons, presents and TOYS I had!! Both MacKenzie & Camryn celebrated their birthdays and I got to go to both!

Yesterday Camryn celebrated her 2nd birthday (her bday is 9/11) with a Winnie the Pooh party! Erin & I took Madison with us when we went so it was fun to see Camryn & Maddie together! There was like 5 more kids there between the ages of 1 and 2, so there was lots of entertainment The big present hits were the Piggy Bank toy and the KITCHEN stuff!! It was hillarious to see all these little girls 'mixing' and 'stirring' and 'eating' their food!! It was really cute!

Then, today, MacKenzie celebrated her 1st birthday (her bday is 9/23) with a very girlie pink & purple party - my kind of party ! Erin, Alex & I arrived around 8:30 this morning to do our usual decorating, and I must pat myself on the back and see we did a mighty fine job this party! Alex & I really should go into the party decorating business!! MacKenzie had a fun time - when she was supposed to blow out her candle - she kept trying to touch the flame! It was really funny - okay so I am kinda mean She too got a lot of gifts, but the highlight of hers was the kitchen set that, myself, Erin, Brandi, Alex & Jaime all got her (and I'm not saying that because I bought it, Julia will agree!). All the kids today had a lot of fun cooking!!

Monday tomorrow - and my last week out of school until the new quarter starts Hoping for nice weather again tomorrow - no more rain!! Ta-ta!

Erin: Very fun but busy weekend! BTW: There was a 6 month old at CJ's party ;)

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