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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lee's: Done, Done, DONE!

Yahoooooooo I am done with the Lee's! I am actually sitting in my own bed right at this moment

We actually made it to church EARLY, yes EARLY with 5 kids and me to get going and to Carnation on time and we arrived EARLY! But apparently not early enough since we still had to sit in the first row of the pews! Sydney requested french pigtails - so I spent a good 15minutes french braiding her super long hair. While sitting in Sacrament Meeting I look over and see her pulling them out

After church, we have some family drama going on so on the drive home I had a bazillion people trying to get a hold of me (don't worry it's nothing bad- I just cant talk about it at the moment) so I was on the phone for awhile. Kennedy actually made dinner all by herself and she's only 10! We then ate dinner, cleaned up and played on the trampoline until Scott & Cari got home about 7:30pm.

I'm taking a few days off of work to head up to Camano. So I'll be writing from their next I'm sure! I'm just happy to say I SURVIVED!!

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