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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Good Can Come Out of This?

I'm a truel believer that good things end up coming out of bad things...but in this case I just don't see how that could be true. SHE has hurt so many people not once but twice and doesn't seem to care at all. All that matters to her is SHE IS HAPPY. Her own family is disowning her and she still thinks this is what is best for her and Baby Girl. That just angers me.

Sorry to be so angry and negative again...but this is just so annoying, frusterating and unfair.

Julia, Alec, Connor, Aiden & MacKenzie~ I love you all so very much and hate to see you all hurting. it breaks my heart.

Baby Girl~ No matter what happens and what life brings, please know how loved you are from this family. They would go to the ends of the earth to be there for you. Hang in there baby girl you are strong!!

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