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Thursday, March 18, 2010

We’re HERE!

We made it to Texas!  We weren’t sure what to expect for the flight and it wasn’t looking good when we first got on.  Annika freaked out when she had to walk over the threshold onto the plane which then scared the other 3.  All were hysterical as we boarded!  However, after the initial hiccup the flight was fantastic! and all 4 kids did really well!  Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

DSC_0002All the Munro’s at Seatac

Everyone was mesmormized

Julia and her girls on the plane

Connor & Alec

Aiden & I

Our pack mule

All the luggage and stuff :)

We arrived at Kim’s brother Jason and sister-in-law Kim’s house last night around 8pm.  The kids were wired and had a lot of fun exploring the house and playing with Cousin Paige!

Today we all “slept in”.  I put “slept in” in quotes because while they didn’t get up until almost 9am, it was technically only 7am at home!  Oh well, felt like they were!

We spent most of the day playing outside.  We started at their neighborhood park where everyone had fun, especially playing on the swings!

DSC_0031Paige had fun pushing the girls in the swing

Cute baby Quinten (3 months)





Kim was getting the girls giggling so hard, I wished I had the video camera with me! 

After the park we came back and played in the driveway.  The kids really enjoyed the sidewalk chalk, especially after I agreed to lay down and they could trace my body.  Once I did it everyone else did too, Julia included!

DSC_0080 Julia being traced by the kids

DSC_0081 DSC_0082 This is my body

It’s bedtime, hip-hip-horray!  It’s taken me like 2 hours to get the post done with distractions and camera issues, so I am quite ready to conclude it!  Another day tomorrow, need to rest up!


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