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Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 9: At Sea

It sure seams like everyday we are at sea on this cruise, not that I am complaining though!  With it being an at sea day, I took advantage of it and slept in.  It was a really lazy day after that too, hung out in the sun, played bananagrams and then rested again.  Perfect day for it, the weather was warm but it was very overcast out. 

Like I said above, nothing much happened today to talk about and therefore no pictures to share!  The only one really to post is this one of the Maître De, Alex, who was making penne pasta just for Zak and myself!!  Alex is the best Maître De ever, he will make us whatever we want.  Zak and I have been special ordering penne pasta and their homemade macaroni each night! 

DSCN0423 Our Maître De, Alex making the pasta right in the dining room!

During dinner the captain came on to announce there was a medical emergency on board and we were going full speed to our next spot of Acapulco so the passenger could get medical attention (the ships head doctor and staff were tending to the patient).  We are now flying along and because we’re moving so fast there is lots of rocking and waves.  I had to breakdown and take some dramamine.  Apparently the rocking is only going to get worse.  They went as far as to announce not to go outside if possible.  Now my dramamine is kicking in and I am ready for bed!  Have to stay up to watch the 8:15pm comedy show though!  I guarantee when it’s over I’ll be out in no time!


DSCN1937Hi Maddie & Emma, Baby Doll today came up to the Lido Deck with us.  Grandma-Great wanted to give her a great big hug to send your ways!!

It was fun talking with you today, Maddie!  We loved your signing!!

Keep being good and we’ll see you really soon!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy


Okay off to watch the comedian!  Have a fantastic night everyone!!

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