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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 10: Huatulco, Mexico

Another beautiful day in paradise!  We arrived early at around 8am (instead of noon) due to the medical emergency on board so we had all morning to wander around the city.  I bought a few souvenirs for people (the Munro Kids now are done yay!) and enjoyed the sunshine!

IMG_2046Standing in front of the Welcome to Huatulco sign!

IMG_2052Beautiful photo of the Coral Princess through the palm trees!

Zak and I rented a jet-ski at the beach by the ship.  It was so much fun zipping around the harbor and cutting through the rocks!   This was so far the highlight of my trip!  I LOVE jet-skiing!


This afternoon we had a sailboat excursion.  OMG the water was so rough, luckily I took Dramamine.  Kelly was sick within 10 minutes of leaving and spent the rest of the trip being sick.  Towards the end of the ride, everyone was sick!  I asked the captain if we could just go back early (we still had 90minutes to go), and I basically got a standing ovation from the rest of the passengers for getting us off early!  Brandi was so sick she said she was contemplating swimming back to the ship if they wouldn’t take us back then!  It was very rough!!

DSCN0443Me on the sailboat with the Crown Princess behind!

DSCN0451Mine & Alex’s feet hanging over the water

DSCN0447The Coral Princess and the Rotterdam, a Holland America cruise ship side by side

DSCN0456Jaime & Zak on the sailboat

We got home and had about 45 minutes until dinner.  We all  rallied (Kelly included) and ate dinner in the dining room.  However, I wasn’t up for any dessert so I ordered nothing….this is what I got …

DSCN0465     Our head waiter, Ronie is hilarious, he is very witty and funny!

Tomorrow we are in Acapulco.  We have no scheduled excursions so it should be pretty laid back.  I plan on going into to town and doing some shopping!

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