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Monday, March 15, 2010

Madison’s 4th Birthday

Craziness that Madison is 4 years old!  She’s grown up a lot since she was born (shocker – huh!).  Last year for her 3rd birthday, I did a look back at Madison’s last three years!  She’s so big now!!

On Saturday (her actual birthday) we had her family party.  She requested homemade pizza so that’s what we had!

4thbday2The Birthday Girl

Making her pizza with Grandma

As you can see Emma enjoyed her pizza too!

There is nothing like birthday celebrations with little kids, they are so honest and excited!  Madison was no exception, words cannot express how she felt!  Just look at these pictures, these are just a few of the gifts she got, but the expressions didn’t really change!!

A Princess Tiana Barbie from Alex

A jump rope from mommy & daddy

A baby doll outfit from Grandma

Money from my parents….she wasn’t happy about this one!  She actually burst into tears!

However, the rest of us found it hilarious!  My grandma was crying she was laughing so hard!

Luckily we had cake right after the money debacle, that made her happy once again!  Oh her cake was Tiana from Princess and the Frog.


And a few miscellaneous photos from the day that were cute!

Emma and my Daddy

Emma loved the ribbon!

Check out Jaime's Blog for more pictures of Madison’s big day!  Plus this week is a very special one for Maddie at school!  Check out what we were up to last night :) 

Happy 4th Birthday Madison Sophia!
I love you!!

I’m off to the Munro’s this evening to help them pack tomorrow, because on Wednesday we’re heading to TEXAS!!  YAY!!!


1 comment:

Jaime said...

She was extremely upset by the cash! We had a talk the next morning and she now understands that money is good and that is how we buy things:) LOL


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