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Monday, January 4, 2010

Late Bloomer?

Today I went up to Camano with Jaime and the girls to watch Mackenzie & Annika while Julia had an appointment to go to.  After she got home, we picked up the boys from school and met Alec at a local Mexican Restaurant….it never seizes to amaze me what people will say!

There’s this elderly couple sitting behind us (remember we have 1-1 year old, 2-2 year olds, 1-3 year old, 2-5 year olds plus 4 adults) and the wife has been staring at us for awhile.  You could just see her brain working like crazy trying to decide how we were all connected.  She finally gets up the gumption to ask, and it goes something like this….

Lady: So…how are all of you connected?

Julia: These are my 4 kids & husband (pointing to her family)

Jaime: These are my two girls (pointing to her girls)

Me: I’m her cousin (pointing to Jaime) and this is my mom (pointing to Julia) but once she had the little kids, she doesn’t consider me her daughter anymore (sad face)

Lady: Oh…. (to Julia)….so you’re a late bloomer?

Entire Table: (laughter – what the heck does that mean?)

Julia: Well, tomorrow is my birthday!

I love messing with people, if you forgot about when I confused the poor nursing staff at the Post-Op Floor of Overlake Hospital after MacKenzie’s surgery check it out HERE!

Oh….when I was up in Camano last, I did one layout for Julia and finally got it scanned and stitched together, so here it is…Pumpkins

1 comment:

Julia said...

That was pretty funny.... at least she didn't look at Alec and ask him how old he was!!!!!! ;) Thanks again for coming up and helping your old mom out today!!! ;) Love You!!!


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