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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 3: Aruba

We finally got of the boat today after 2-1/2 days of At Sea fun.  But it was nice to be on solid ground again today, especially in ARUBA!!  Did I mention how much I love this place?  It is so gorgeous not to mention warm, when we left this morning at 7am it was already 80* and trust me it got hotter! 

Okay so lets see, what did I do today??

Jaime, Zak, Alex, Kelly, Brandi & I all went on an excursion today – here’s a picture of our Party Bus!

IMG_1484Along the way we passed a group of cactuses with tons of iguanas climbing all over them.

IMG_1490So you want to know where we went on our excursion?  Well we went here, to the California Light House.  It’s a beautiful lighthouse that was built in the early 1900s!

IMG_1500No this isn’t just another picture of the lighthouse…if you look closely you can see a black dot…that’s Brandi!

IMG_1530After the lighthouse we were taken to a beautiful beach.  We’d been to this beach twice before, but it was still beautiful! 

IMG_1513IMG_1520IMG_1523Poor Alex, she fell for Zak’s “I’ll go under with you on the count of 3”….yeah she went down…him…not so much!

We only had a half day in Aruba today, the ship left at 1pm, so we spent the afternoon playing in the pool and sunbathing.  I (yes, miss athletic) participated in Water Volleyball.  Yes it was quite comical…amazingly I was one of the better players!  Both sides were in deep water so we had to tread the whole time to stay up. 

DSCN0119See me with the ball??!


Hi Girls, We took Baby Doll to the beach today!

IMG_1499Here is Mommy & Baby Doll sitting on the Party Bus!

IMG_1515Mommy and Baby Doll posing in front of the pirate ship at the beach!

IMG_1516And Baby Doll digging in the sand!

Hope you had a good day at school today, Maddie!  We can’t wait to see all of your papers!

Hugs & Kisses, Mommy & Daddy


Okay, it’s 4:06pm and I am about to be late to BINGO!  The jackpot is up to almost $2000 and I am going to be the big winner!!


Deanna said...

Hey there, Cori! Just happened to click on your blog today and noticed you are posting as you're away! YAY! Aruba is one of our ports. What beach did you go to?

Taxexpert said...

You guys need to tan before you go on the next cruise, your whiteness is hurting my eyes!!! Tell your mom and dad hi for me.



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