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Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 0 ~ Fort Lauderdale

Yes, I am only on day 0 of my trip!  We finally made it, the flights weren’t bad at all (for me).  The first flight from Seattle to Detroit was 3hrs 45minutes.  I slept the whole flight, don’t even remember really taking off!  It was wonderful!  Apparently I was the only one who thought it was great – no one else slept and have been complaining nonstop about the flight!

We landed in Detroit and headed to our gate (which was 8) and make it to our connecting flight at gate 73.  Luckily they have a cool sky train that zips you across the airport in 3 minutes.  We happily road it, not knowing it didn’t announce the stops.  Suddenly we realized we were going backwards and ended back where we began!  So once again we road it to the end of the line, but this time got out!  We made it to our gate as the end of the line was boarding the plane

DSCN0025 DSCN0019DSCN0022 DSCN0023

As you can see in the above pictures, everyone seemed to sleep just fine on the second flight…even though none of them claim they were really sleeping!!

So….part way through our flight the flight attendants come on the intercom asking for any doctors or physicians on board to please come to the middle part of the plane.  Suddenly a couple doctors were up and the flight attendance were flying (haha no pun intended) up and down the aisle.  They had the oxygen tank and defibrilator out too.  Apparently someone passed out, but we didn’t know that until later on.  By the amount of movement (and we felt the airplane drop quite a bit) we thought for sure we were going to have an emergency landing to get the man off.  But he must have been okay because we kept on flying and landed in Fort Lauderdale safe and sound with all passengers and crew appointed for!  Made for quite an exciting flight!

We lucked out and were able to check into our hotel right away.  So we quickly dropped our stuff off and headed to lunch at Bamini Boatyard.  We ate out on a dock with beautiful boats surrounding us!  The weather here is quite brisk and chilly, so it was cold, but we just had to eat outside!  I was smart and wore jeans and a sweatshirt….other people, not so smart!

IMG_1310 IMG_1314
Kelly and Brandi enjoying lunch 

Later this afternoon some of us headed down to the hot tub to hang out!IMG_1317


IMG_1309 Hi Madison and Emmalee – Mommy and Daddy are in Florida and tomorrow we are going to get on the very big boat. We love you very much and hope that you are making us a lot of pictures. Have fun with Camryn, Jordyn and Amy!!!


So now it’s 6:07pm and I am exhausted.  I slept maybe 4 hours last night, so basically have been up since 4:45am yesterday morning!  I’m already in bed, gonna order something to eat here in a little bit and think my lights will be out at 8pm!  If you don’t believe me on how tired we all are, check out this photo (yes she’ll kill me!) of Kelly taken at about 5:30pm!


We have a big day tomorrow as that’s the day we get on the ship!!


1 comment:

Julia said...

Hope you are all having fun, but have to tell you Alec and I are both very sad you didn't even say good-bye to us!!! ;(


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