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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Chill Sleeping Beauty!!

Today the triplets were just being monsters and I was at my wits end.  I finally just said to Jack "CHILL IT".  He immediatly stops whining and says "Chill It?".  I said yes, "just chill it for a couple of minutes".  He then turns to me and goes "okay I chill it".  OMG it was the cutest thing, it totally made me laugh, smile and make my frusterations fly away!!  Jack is such a cutie!

Tonight Madison and I were supposed to have a sleepover.  She was super excited all day and Jaime said she'd been running around waiting for me to pick her up since 6pm and I didn't pick her up until after school about 730pm!  We didn't make it back to my house before she fell asleep!  Poor little girl, she was so excited, but instead ended our slumber party early!  Oh well I'm sure she'll be in full party mode at 630am!

Madison asleep in the car - taken with my camera phone, so not the best quality!

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