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Sunday, November 8, 2009

CKC 2009

Another year of the Creating Keepsakes Convention is over *tear*.  This year Brandi and I had a great time!!  We decided to make it a girls get away weekend and stay that the Bellevue Hilton where the crops were taking place (convention was at Meydenbauer Center).  We checked in on Friday night before the crop and were informed we had been upgraded to the “Executive Level” floor. 

We had no idea what that meant, so they went on to tell us we got breakfast in the mornings at their “Executive Level” lounge along with 2 appetizers each evening.  The coolest part for us was the fact we needed the room key to get to the “Executive Level”.  So each time we’d enter the elevator to go to our room we’d have to slide our room key in a lock thing and then it would light up the floor we were on!  How cool is that!  Yep, Brandi and I don’t get out much so were excited to feel so important!

Both nights I accomplished 5 layouts (8 pages) and Brandi finished 7 layouts (11 pages).  Apparently Brandi was on a roll the two nights and finished a whole heck of a lot more then I did!  But I’m happy with the ones I did!

I scrapped three layouts for Julia of Brooke and then both Brandi & I did Emmalee layouts to get some of her in their family album!  Currently it’s like 3 full albums of just Madison!  So poor Emmalee could use a few herself!

My Layouts

CKC09 - Waterfront
At the Waterfront
Sketches By Suzy
Brandi, Jaime, Zak, the girls and I one day this summer went down to the Seattle Waterfront and wandered along the pier!

CKC09 - 6#116#11oz, 20” 
Sketches By Suzy
Emmalee’s birth statistics and photos of her being weighed right after she was born!  I cannot believe how little she was!

CKC09 - Bringing Home Brooke
Bring Home Brooke
Sketches By Suzy
Pictures that I took driving to pick-up Brooke and then pictures of Brooke on our ride back to Seattle with her!

CKC09 - Cheese!
Sketch by Stacy aka Stinkerbelle on
Scrap Shanty
Julia and her 4 kids right after we brought Brooke home!

CKC09 - Girl Hair Girl Hair
Julia doing up two girls’ hair for the first time! (Brooke & MacKenzie)

Brandi’s Layouts

CKC09 - 1st Bath
1st Bath
Madison (& Cori) helping give Emmalee her first bath after she was born!

CKC09 - Cats
Emma & Kitty Cats
Emmalee and her two favorite cats all chilling in her crib!

CKC09 - Emma
This past summer Alex & I were playing with Emma and she was just being cute so we pulled out the camera and got some silly shots of her!

 CKC09 - Going Home
Going Home
Pretty self explanatory!  This is Emmalee getting dressed to go home from the hospital plus her hospital photos! 
Side note: I bought the outfit she came home in!  I got her name embroidered on a Pottery Barn outfit!

CKC09 - Love
1st Love
Madison & Xander are best buds!  They got to hang out on Valentine’s Day this year and were so cute!

CKC09 - Meeting Em
Meeting Emmalee: My New Sister
Madison meeting Emmalee for the first time after she was born!  Madison was (and is) such a proud big sister!
Side Note: Take a look at her shirt :)

CKC09 - Triplets
Brandi one day had the girls and was getting ready to go out with them.  After she buckled Emma into her carseat, she had her back turned to them for a few moments and when she turned around found Emmalee all tucked in between Madison’s baby and Minnie Mouse all wrapped up in Madison’s blankie!

Okay that’s it….that’s what we accomplished this weekend!!  Tomorrow’s Monday and the start of another week!  Oh…Brandi & I will be going back next year to CKC, if you want more information go to their website

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