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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Toys & Togs Wrap-Up

Wow, what a LONG crazy weekend this has been! I showed up at BCC about 3pm on Friday and was there until 11:30pm, and back at 8am the next morning until about 4pm! Lots of fun...but a lot of work!

Friday afternoon, we set-up with very little problems, so that was a nice relief! Then we had the fun part....SHOPPING! Brandi and I had a lot of fun shopping and spent way to much money! We were looking for twin sets of clothes for Kim's boys (gabbi has tons of clothes), clothes & stuff for Madison & Emmalee and a few items for MacKenzie. We scored in the little baby sizes for Emmalee, and there were tons of boy clothes, but didn't find anything cute for MacKenzie (that wasn't like $10/outfit - at a 'garage sale' that's a lot to spend I'm really not that cheap lol!), and items for Madison. Our BIG/GREAT deals were....

* Toy Storage/Bins/Shelf thing - $12
* Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump - $20 (Julia sold hers at the sale for $150!)
*Baby Jogger Triple Stroller - $75 (the cheapest single jogger was $90!)

Between the 2 of us, Brandi & I spent about $350! Don't panic, we were shopping for other people with their we didn't lose that much money! There were quite a few items that we did buy though!

Brandi picked Alex & I up at 7:15am - YUCK! After running through McD's we arrived at BCC about 8am. I then didn't sit still until I got home! I was constantly on my feet, moving toys, breaking down tables, organizing things, setting up bikes that had fallen, etc. Not to mention making about 100 trips back and forth the gym! Saturday was fun, but nothing overly exciting to tell ya! Oh one of my team said that she was going to email the EMoms T&T Co-Chairs and rave about what a great person I was, how well organized I had things and that it was amazing that I did it all just for fun Ahhh gee thanks! But we'll see if she really does!!

The next sale is in April! This sale Julia is also selling (or at least supposed to!), so is Jaime I there will be plenty of tagging to do once you add in Charity as well!

Oh...Charity showed up with 8 of the LARGE plastic bins...and came home with 1 bin (she donated about 1/2 a bin), so we think she did really well! We should know her actual profit in a few weeks! I'll keep you posted!!

*SIGH* Monday tomorrow...and my first stats lab & I am meeting with my chem tutor - not to mention my normal Chem lecture & Lab! Did I mention I HATE mondays!
: Was I not there at all?? ;)
Cori: Forgot...we never saw you ;)
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