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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

18-Month Check-Up

*sigh* My babies are growing up!! The triplets had their 18-month checkup with their pediatrician today and are growing really well! Their pediatrician actually told Kim "most families only have one really active lucked out and have three"! Not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or not ... but Kim & I giggled about that!

Jack weighs 27lbs
Nate weighs 24lbs
Gabrielle weighs 26lbs

The doctor kept saying "they look phenominal", and was impressed with all of the constantly saying "what's that?" over and over! They got 2 shots today...poor kids...Gabs & Nate didn't even really cry, Jack freaked out and did his normal "I'll show you and not breathe" he was screaming so hard! It was a very loud SILENT scream! Their next appointment won't be until their 2year one! Yikes...2 is coming in 6months! Crazy...time sure flies!

Funny story...after I got to work this afternoon, I took the kids outside to play while Kim got ready to go. While we were outside playing a car drove by and realized there were triplets and said "do you watch all of them at once?" What do you think I watch only one or two at a time, and the other one watches himself! haha!

Oh...Zak had his doctors appointment today and it turned out not only did he break the cartlidge in his nose but also several small bones! So he has to have a minor procedure on Friday morning and go under general anesthesia to fix the breaks and prevent any future breathing problems he could potentially have if this isn't done. They said because he went in so soon after the injury it should be a very easy "fix" and the procedure should only last 15minutes. So that will be an exciting start to Halloween!

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