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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jaime's 24week Appointment

Today I got to go with Jaime to her 24 week doctors appointment because Zak had to work. I've never been before so it was cool to get to go!! When we first arrived we ran into Suneeta & Zubin. Suneeta has her c-sec scheduled for the 15th of October, so she was getting really close! I hadn't seen her since she has been prego so it was good to catch up!

Jaime's doctor was way behind, and when she finally came in appologized and said that she may have to run out at a moments notice because she had two ladies downstairs in L&D just about ready to deliver! Luckily it didn't happen during Jaime's appointment, but as we were leaving she went rushing by on her way to L&D!!

Lets see...details...(lol - I'm sure Jaime is thrilled with me posting ) ... Jaime gained 5lbs since her last appointment!! We got to hear the baby's heartbeat/rate which was 148bpm (madison wanted to know why she couldn't see a picture of the baby ). The most exciting news was Dr. Eagan could no longer see Jaime's ribs - lol!! The doctor was so happy to see that!! Jaime also shared that her morning sickness was tapering off - yay and she was feeling better, with the exception of migraines! The doctor gave her a perscription for massage therepy so that should help her!!

Jaime now has her appointments schedule through the 36th week (December 30th)!! So she's moving right along! Her next one is in a month (I get to go again!) and then after that I think she goes every other week!

Go Jaime Go!!

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