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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Me...A Writer??

I've had several people mention to me that maybe I should be a writer.  Apparently (this isn't coming from me, yes I am vain, but even I wouldn't say this!), my writing on this blog is quite good and catchy?  I've had several friends over the years ask me to write things for them (emails, letters,etc) and I've never thought anything of it.  Now, I'm starting to reconsider, I do enjoy writing, but what do I enjoy writing?  Well we all know I love writing about myself, but lets face it, I probably can't get paid to write about myself, so I'll need to figure something else out.  At least now I have something to focus on...I really need to get into the SPU Career Center and get some ideas.  This Communications degree is looking more and more promising!

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