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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was a fun day at work, we went swimming! After nap, I took the triplets out to play in the hot tub (or little pool). This was the first time that I've seen Jack actually IN the water and ENJOYING it! Nate was less then thrilled when I made him sit on the edge instead of wandering around.

Then tonight, I babysat late and Alex came over and we took the kids in the big pool. OMG Jack wouldn't stop jumping in! He LOVED IT! He and Gabbi would jump in and then 'swim' (in their life jackets & noodles) back to the steps, get out and jump right back in! Nate was still hesitant again, so Alex held him the whole time, but he didn't cry and at times was actually giggling!!

All three love "Abby" (aka Allie) and wanted to jump to her instead of me! In the words of Michelle Tanner .... "HOW RUDE!" But it was so awesome that everyone got in the pool! Looks like it might be a swimming summer after all!! Now we just need to hope Jack doesn't just jump in on his own! Definitely will have to be more on my toes when we're outside around the pool...and life jackets now are a MUST!

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