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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Renton River Days

Brandi was watching the girls today and we wanted to do something fun and different so we discovered that Renton was having their annual “River Days” festival.  So we decided to go there for the afternoon!  It was really fun and best of all completely FREE!

The first thing Madison did was fire the Firefighter Hose.  She thought she was really cool and concentrated really hard!!  A little while later I was really hot so went to stand in the line of fire with Emma and got soaked.  Emma freaked so I moved out of the area and then the water followed us and Brandi, Maddie, Emma, myself & the stroller were then soaking wet!

 IMG_0441 - Copy IMG_0444 - Copy

She also toured the SWAT truck!  Apparently the SWAT truck cost $230,000 and was paid by drug seized money!  That’s amazing!!

IMG_0449 - Copy

After that we headed over to play the drum thing they had set up.  It was a whole bunch of old pots and pans strewn together.  Madison loved it!

IMG_0452 - CopyIMG_0469

Maddie then took a turn on the Dizzy Bus which is an old school bus that they converted into a traveling gymnasium  Maddie went right on and had a blast!!


After that Madison insisted she wanted to rock climb….OMG she was gonna do it!!  But she happily put her harness and helmet on and started climbing a few steps then was done!  Very proud of herself!!

IMG_0497IMG_0498   IMG_0493 

We had a great day…it was super hot and I was ready to go home by the end of it!!

IMG_0439 - Copy
Oh and the one loan picture of Miss Emmalee

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