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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Laid back kind of day

Tonight was a relaxing day!! I spent it with Zackery and Madison. We went to Costco, Target and then to get Madison's haircut. Her haircut is ADORABLE - she got a cute bob that was cut right about her chin...she is so darn cute!! Not to mention she looks a whole lot older now!! After the haircut we headed back to their house for nap time. While Madison napped Zak and I watched GSN and killed it (okay he was better then I) at the game shows Chain Reaction and Family Feud.

Tonight Zak went golfing with my dad, so I watched Maddie for about an hour until Jaime got off work. We went over to Kim's and she swam for awhile and then played with Sophia. When Jaime & Brandi finally got off work we went to Ixtapa for dinner and then home!!

Nothing overly exciting I'm checking in on my favorite blogs and facebook while watching HGTV!! Gotta love a laid back day!!

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