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Monday, December 1, 2008

TMI I'm sure & More Bad Computer Luck w/ a little bit of good mixed in!

I'll start off with a bit of TMI (to much information) I'm sure that all of you care to know but...I gotta kill Julia! Last night after work she got home and IMd me to see if I had cramps because she did, I happily told her 'haha, I have another week until I get to deal with cramps' but apparently Julia got the last laugh as my cramps arrived today...what the heck? They say that girls who live together/spend a lot of time tend to cycle together and that seems to always hold true for me and Julia...even if we don't see each other all the time! Bizarre!

Computer Drama...Part III
*Sigh* can't believe I'm writing a part III to this dumb saga, but alas I am! I stopped by Radio Shack on my way home from school today to pick up the dumb fire wire cord. The guy gave it to me and I was a bit skeptical because it came from a completely different part of the store then when the guy showed me yesterday where they should be but weren't because they were sold out. I told him this was the 3rd day in a row I had been in and was he certain this is what I needed - he said yes and I happily bought it and left. Get home eager to try it and guess what - yep - it didn't fit. Not sure how it works but apparently what I bought is supposed to attach to the USB cord? It didn't seam like what the guy yesterday or Mark told me I needed, so back I go tomorrow - 4th day in a row...hope it's the last.

I did however get a bit of good luck in the middle of this bleak time (haha!). I finally found a Cori's Photos CD but (more bad luck) it didn't include the photos I needed! So my final option was to re-hookup the old computer 'boxes' and get the photos that way. We have 2 computers in our den and recently replaced I had a 50/50 chance of grabbing the right computer and guess what - yep I picked the wrong one first! After that I was starting to get frustrated (normal I know for me) and was down to my last option...the final computer. I hooked it up and the pictures were there! I have never been so happy in my life!! Not only were the pictures there I was able to upload them to a CD by myself!! Oh I also successfully took apart the 'good' computer and re-hooked-up the 'bad' computers all by myself without breaking anything and the 'good' one is working again! So I now have all the pictures that I have custody of uploaded and ready to go. Brandi has a couple more cameras worth of photos in her custody before we're down with the photos. Then all we have to tackle is the video portion!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get the video to work! Brandi & I are going to work on it after she is done working tomorrow evening! It's already December 1st and we're running out of time to get this printed!

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