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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chem Final Done -- Stats Final TOMORROW!

I have now taken my chemistry test and am DONE! The test itself was pretty hard, but I felt prepared for it and took my time answering the questions. It was 60 multiple choice questions, so those can be both good and bad. Good in that your guaranteed a 1/4 shot of getting it right...bad if you can't narrow down some answers! Not sure when the results will be posted...but my fingers are crossed.

My stats final is tomorrow morning at 10:30am. I'm not overly worried about that exam its 'closed book' but 'open neighbor' and we can have 1 page of notes with equations on it - another words we can work with people. For the midterm I took the test on my own then when I was done 'confirmed' my answers with a peer to make sure I got the right answers. My stats prof doesn't believe in tests, but its required to have tests she must give them. She keeps telling us 'don't worry it's just a test'. She also said that she doesn't want to see us back in the class again and will do everything in her power to get us to pass!

This time tomorrow...I will be on Christmas Vacation - WAHHOOO!!!

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