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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fun in Camano

Today I came up to Camano to meet Julia's brother Jason, her sister-in-law Kim and their adorable almost 3year old daughter Paige. We went to Jungle Playland this afternoon and had fun playing in the tunnels, running through the blow up maze thing and hung out.

Tonight we came home and had a yummy dinner that Julia made and then we just hung out and talked...and still are! Tomorrow we may either go to the Kangaroo Farm and/or out to lunch just the girls it's still up in the air, but either would be fine.

I'm really tired tonight, I should get to bed. I'm sharing a bed with Aiden since Jason, Kim & Paige are all in my room. so hopefully Aiden sleeps well and isn't to wiggly! Saturday tomorrow, yipppppeeeeee!

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