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Saturday, July 5, 2008

New To All This...

Okay, thank to Julia I have decided to once again try myspace. For some reason for the longest time it gave me high anxiety. My blood pressure would go up, I'd get all sweaty and nervous anytime I got a notice of something from myspace...why I have no idea - I'm weird I know!!Anyway, I am gonna try and use this to blog - nothing ever very exciting happens but why not try! Julia wants to spruce up my page because it is pretty boring - but then again before this it had been months since I had been on!! Amy & Erin have been helping me navigate my way through how thing work and I finally think I am getting the hang of it!!
So here I go....

Julia: Cori- my silly adopted adult child! ha ha You crack me up! Gonna make you a pretty page today!!! BTW - great pictures!! ;) Love ya!

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Kelly said...

Stopping by through “first post” linky. You are gonna laugh, but I don't know what MYSPACE is.....

~ Mona said...

Cori, thanks for stopping by my blog and linking your 1st blog post.
See you at BlogFrog. {smiles}


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