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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mariners WIN!

Amy & I went to a fantastic baseball game last night!! The Mariners beat the Cleveland Indians 8-2!! The M's had a grand slam (Ibanez) and a 3-run-homerun (Lopez), plus the Indians walked in a run! GREAT GAME!! We had beautiful weather, lots of fun and great food!! Fun evening! Thanks Amy f& Walt for the ticket!! Oh and sorry for bending my ticket

Today my mom, Alex, Troya & I went to Oasis. I got a pedicure (pretty pink toes now) and a new set put on. So I feel 'human' again with my fingers all fixed and cleaned up!

Julia's life continues to have some bizarre but great turns!! Can't talk about it, but really cool stuff going on! Hopefully soon there will be news to share!!

Happy Saturday!

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