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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gabbi Doesn't Float

Well the first of the triplets fell into the pool today. Gabbi wasn't listening to Kim & I when we were out by the pool today and kept venturing closer and closer. We finally decided that since I was already sitting by the pool to let her see how far she'd go - she walked right in. She had barely touched the water when I quickly grabbed her by the leg and pulled her up. We assumed she'd be shocked and freaked by going under, but nope she started giggling right away and headed straight back to the pool . Guess that plan backfired on us!

Julia & Alec got their new SUV yesterday and GMC Yukon XL. It's white and I am sooooo jealous! Jealous that I didn't get to go with them to buy it (they took the other kids ) and that I don't get it. So sad! I am going up in a couple of weeks and can't wait to see it ... and then of course drive it

Erin came to hang out for a few hours and we went down to the park. Thanks for helping me wrangle the babies (who are getting way to mobile these days!).

Get to go to the Mariners game with Amy tomorrow night - yay!! I think we play Cleveland but am not 100% sure. Oh and the final All-Star score was AL 4 and the NL 3! The game was 4hrs and 50mins long it ended at almost 2am EST - crazy - it did go into 15 innings I think!!

Friday tomorrow, hoping for another nice day!!

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