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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Fish

After nap today I took the triplets swimming, well I guess I should say the twins, since Nate didn’t want to and just watched.  Sophie sat outside with me as extra eyes while Jack, Gabbi & I swam! 


DSC_0833 Gabrielle

Playing with Cori


Jack & Cori SwimmingDSC_0889DSC_0890





DSC_0933Jackers giving me a kiss!  How sweet!

        Happy Wordless Wednesday Everyone!

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Will said...

Nice looking and clean pool. Are we invited? ;-)

Happy WW!

Beth said...

Looks like a fun day!

stan said...

I'm going for my morning swim later! U guys looked like u've had so much fun!

Sherri said...

Perfect pool day! I love that you do so many fun things with them, where some people would just think it's too much work!!

viewfromdownhere said...

aw, again this looks like a lot of fun! I'm totally coming over to your house :-)

alicia said...

Great pics. You are one brave lady. lol. Happy belated WW!

Anonymous said...

I would be a little stressed swimming with two in floaties. Yes, I am the overcautious mom. :) Looks like you all had fun though. What a nice pool too.

Marty said...

I love the pics...and the playhouse right by the pool is cool=)) Have a great day!

A bf ff friend=)

Jessica said...

Great pics! Your newest follower - you found me on Twitter :) Triplets..can't even imagine! You'll be ready for anything when you have your own!

I need to get on the communications degree bandwagon. Just recently quit my job of 9 years and trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, lol. I'm absolutely addicted to blogging, tweeting and fb'ing.. so maybe I should do that too.

Have a great day!
Your newest follower from FFF. Like your blog name:) How exciting to be starting some giveaways..hopin to be following in your shoes soon!!

Mama Monkey said...

you are a brave woman to take triplets swimming by yourself! Great job!!! What a fun day!

Its A Blog Party said...

Looks like such a fun day! Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for linking up!


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