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Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Buds

Meet Oliver the cat and Josie the dog…how sweet and innocent they are!  Let me tell you they get along like peanut butter & jelly, summer & vacations and Mickey & Minnie mouse!   3 2

Right….if you believe me ( and I quote Grandma Boat), “I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you really cheap!”  Let me introduce you to the REAL pets…meet…

  oliver 4
           Cantankerous Cat            &                   Devil Dog

These two animals do NOT get along at all!  Josie is constantly antagonizing Oliver, [Josie] picking him up by the nap of his [Oliver] neck, jumping on him, etc…it’s actually pretty sad! 

However, Oliver isn’t much 0f a Saint either!  He’s just plain evil!  Josie at least wants to play, Oliver is just a mean old cat!  Before Josie, I can honestly say I was the one who he hated the most!  He’d swat at me as I walked by, try to bite me, hiss, etc…not very nice!  But thankfully, now that Josie is around I rate a little bit higher in Oliver’s eyes!  I’d say he almost tolerates me – ha-ha!

best buds2

Have a wonderful weekend!  Duvall Days tomorrow, and it actually looks like the weather will be nice!  YAY!

*This post was Grandma-approved!  She even helped with the photos!*

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