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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Facelift

You may have noticed the last couple of days my blog has been going through changes!  I’ve been working on doing a full blog overhaul to change it!!    I thought I’d share some of the secrets I’ve discovered while re-doing it!

I found the background, topper and titles from the site Shabby Blogs.  It was really simple to use, just took a lot of time to pick the perfect one for me!!

I know nothing about HTML and formatting, and yet there were changes I wanted to make to my blog that I needed to mess with the HTML.  I google searched it and found Sneaky Momma Blog Designs.  This blog is AWESOME and gives simple, easy to understand steps to change and make your blog better and more you!  I highly recommend this site.  I plan on bookmarking it to use in the future!

Blog Tips by Sneaky Momma
I also downloaded some more FONTS for my computer.  I used the fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts.  It was REALLY easy to download and they had LOTS of fonts to choose from!!  I used a couple of the fonts in my new topper (blog title).  The fonts show up in almost all my writing programs (word, works, picassa, etc.)!
I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts!
The last thing I added came from My Live Signature it is a great site to make you’re custom signature.  There were over 150 different fonts to choose from, many sizes & colors too!!  So I added it to the end of each of my posts!

One last tip…any question I had if I just google'd my question (ie: How do i remove blogger dividers”), I would get TONS of sites with the answer to that question!  Another GREAT place to look!

I am VERY happy and excited to have a more ‘professional’ looking blog!  Oh…and, no blog entry is complete without a photo!  Here is a picture I took today of the triplets in their Choo-Choo Wagon on our way to the bus stop to meet the school bus!

Happy Blogging!

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