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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bedtime Yet?

Today concludes my first full day of watching the O'Loughlin boys.  Well I guess full day, if you don't think about the fact I wasn't with them all day :-)  This morning went well, Bennett's ride to school arrived 10 minutes early so we weren't quite ready for that, but luckily he only had to grab socks and put his shoes on!  I took Ryan to daycare, then off to work I went.  It felt kind of silly taking Ryan, who's the same age as the triplets (Ryan is 3 days younger then the trio), to daycare and then heading to my own daycare!  Oh well, it was easier to have just three 2yo's instead of four! 

Jaime and the girls came and hung out with us today.  We didn't do anything overly exciting, played outside for awhile and around the house.  I refixed their pack 'n plays (they sleep in them because they were climbing out of their cribs - so now they are in PNP's with tents) because the little twirps were destroying them LOL!!  Nothing a little duck tape and zip-ties can't fix!  All three PNP's now have tents on them that once again look like tents!  Kim & Mark are also in Vegas with the O'Loughin's so I got off a little early when her mom arrived!

I didn't get a break after work, it was right back to Serene's to pick up Ryan and bring him home to relieve Max from watching Ben, so he could go to the CHS Volleyball game.  Off he went, and it's now just me and the little boys.  We ate dinner and now are just chilling watching Yo Gabba Gabba again and counting down the minutes to bedtime....1-hour!

Tomorrow, I have Ryan all day, but we're going to Camryn's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, so that should help break up the day!  Then tomorrow night, Jaime, Brandi & the girls are coming over to Kristin's to hang out (don't worry I have premission :-D). 

Friday already tomorrow, unreal, this week has flown by!!

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